2010 family vacation to the island of Oahu in Hawaii.


This is Rivindell, the personal home page and portfolio of Gary Trimble. This site serves two purposes - to share a bit about my family and showcase my resumé and portolio.

Resume and portfolio

I am into my second career, having retired from the military in 2003. I currently work as training department manager, which is reflected in my resumé. Ever since purchasing my first computer, a Tandy 1000 EX, I have enjoyed working with computers. I used to tinker around with DOS 3.0, trying to make my computer do different things.

With the advent of the Internet, I began to tinker with HTML using a simple text editor. During my undergraduate work in Compuer Information Science, I took several courses in web design. I really enjoyed designing web pages, but have been away from it for quite some time. I am now jumping back in the saddle and learning to really use CSS and XHTML to design simple, appealing web sites. I will add my web design portfolio to this site as I create new sites, the first for my home church. My goal, as you may surmise, is to transition back to computers to web design.

Family and Genealogy

My wife and I enjoy a wonderful marriage and life together, having been married 17 years as of 2010. We have two great kids and hope you enjoy what we have to share on our family page as well as photos of family and friends on our photo page. I picked up genealogy as a hobby about a year ago. The genealogy page has our family tree with links to biographical pages of our ancestors. It is certainly a work in progress.

Why not social networking?

While I do have a Facebook account, I am just not into social networks on the web. While Facebook has allowed me to connect with a lot of old high school classmates and Marine buddies, I just don't have the time to keep up with everyone or partake in the on-line gaming.

I enjoy web design, so this is a great way to showcase my budding talents and share something about me.

Why Rivindell?

My third love is books and J.R.R. Tolkien has been my favorite author since junior high school. Rivindell is a derivative of Tolkien's Rivendell - the peaceful valley home of Elrond Half-elven. It is known as a place to relax, eat, sing, and tell stories.

Web Design

CSS Zen Garden has provided a lot of inspiration for me to re-engage in web design. CSS is a challenge to learn, but it certainly has opened the door for designing creative and beautiful websites.

This site, as of summer 2010, is my first true attempt with CSS and XHTML in web design. I look forward to the evolution of this site as I expand my skills.